Wooden Flooring Chennai

Welcome to The Artisan House!! Exclusive Dealers for Egger Laminate and Boen Engineered Flooring Products!!
When it comes to wooden flooring Chennai, The Artisan house is a name to be reckoned with as we deal with two top brands in the industry Egger and Boen.
One of the top defining features of your home is its flooring. That is why there is a great demand for wooden flooring. It is an highly popular option because its appearance provides a natural, beautiful, timeless, and trendy look.

EGGER Laminate Wood Flooring
EGGER has been in the business of manufacturing laminate flooring products for over 20 years and is one of the top European brands. They are well-known around the world for high-quality products that last for many years, creating the right kind of ambience in your home. EGGER’s laminate wooden flooring is not only visually very appealing but also keeps up with the new trends in flooring.
In addition, the laminates are durable, universally usable, and even moisture resistant. Moreover, the company uses timber obtained from sustainable and managed forests for the manufacture of laminates out of their concern for the environment. EGGER’s laminate wooden flooring is optimal as well as a cost-effective solution for any home. It is easy to install as it makes use of the company’s patented laminate click system.

Key Benefits of EGGER Laminate Wood Flooring
• High-quality and resilient wood laminate
• Anti-static technology
• For wet areas, Aqua+ laminates are extremely good
• Laminates ensure a healthy indoor climate as they are made of natural materials
• Versatile and can be used for flooring in both residential and commercial spaces
• Simple installation as a patented click system is used
• Laminates can create tile, concrete, or wood effect that match with different kinds of decors

Laminate wood floor covering provides a high level of functionality and is durable and comes in many visually appealing designs.

BOEN Engineered Wood Flooring
The floor in your house can actually be thought of as the largest piece of furniture! You are in contact with this furniture most of the time. As such, it is important to use the highest quality wood flooring material so that it lasts for a longer time.
Apart from providing warmth and luxurious appearance, engineered hardwood flooring adds a natural and timeless appeal. It is the best alternative to solid wood flooring as it offers more dimensional strength and less expensive.

Key Benefits of BOEN Engineered Wood Flooring
• While most flooring suppliers buy wood from sawmills that serve the furniture industry, BOEN owns three sawmills, which process wood exclusively for the company. This allows us to use the entire tree and provide you with different grades of flooring products.
• BOEN controls the timber drying process right from the beginning to prevent cracks after installation.
• Surface treatment impacts appearance and durability in a big way. BOEN offers four surface treatments and applies six thin layers of oil or lacquer instead of fewer thicker layers. This is because several thin layers help to increase durability.
• BOEN engineered wood flooring is easy to install. They come with two patented locking systems. They make glue-free joints and this helps to save not only time but also frustration.
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