WELCOME to Artisan’s world! Where we TRANSFORM your dreams INTO REALITY. Give your room or perhaps an entire home a makeover with our curated services, for no canvas is too small for our creative team!. The Artisan House is much more than a store - it is a full service studio which goes beyond selling interior fashion.An amalgamated space which blends Indian sensibilities with International trends for contemporary living. Warm yet practical, The Artisan House understands the unique requirements of the Indian customers and Indian conditions. .


Our Inception

In 2007, Artisan Wallcoverings Pvt. Ltd. was the only store in Chennai dedicated to exclusively marketing of imported wallpapers from it's neatly tucked away studio in Gopalpuram. In 2011, The Artisan Gallery as it was further called, added Artificial grass and Window blinds to it's offerings.

Since it's inception, we have always endeavoured to provide world class quality, niche and exquisite décor solutions for your living spaces. In November 2016 we re-branded ourselves to be called The Artisan House - where we now offer a complete solution for walls, floors and window dressings. At The Artisan House, we ensure that our customers have access to the best of products and ensure that they are sourced from reliable and high-quality suppliers. We are the design destination that envisions the dream of a modern world where luxury and functionality are priorities without compromising on cost, glamor and beauty. We choose to work with the best and the global leaders in all the products and services that we offer at our store.

With our experience of about a decade in this field, we are today well-equipped to curate a beautiful space for you within a defined budget without compromising on the quality.

Our Vision & Mission

With our large repertoire of exclusive products we can craft any space - big or small to suit your individual tastes. The Artisan House is an amalgamation of a range of top of the line Indian and International brands to help create bespoke interiors. Explore our range of exquisite wallpapers, soft furnishings, window blinds, floorings, eclectic and quirky furniture, light fittings and even art and knick knacks which make sure that each space is one of it’s kind. We have something for everyone. Professionals will find contemporary products in line with international trends to match their vision. Homeowners can mix and match for unbridled creativity. For those who need a little help, the expert team at The Artisan House is always at hand to help curate a personal story. With change being the only constant you will always discover something new at The Artisan House.

Our vision is to help our customers tell their own story through their unique spaces! OR To help customers be their own story teller! Our mission is to help our customers reflect their unique personality through their spaces! Residential or commercial - every space can be shaped to create a narrative, as distinct as the individual behind it. Our experts will help weave disparate elements into one seamless tale.

Our Management

Our philosophy at The Artisan House is to provide the customer a solution for his/her needs. Hence, our sales team spends quality time in understanding requirements, tastes and budgets. These are then translated into various options. Our experts offer discreet advice without being intrusive or imposing. All this is directed towards a seamless completion of the project with minimal loss of time or cost escalation. Regardless of the size of the project, the efforts and enthusiasm of our team remains the same, for each project is unique and challenges our creativity to the fullest.