Beautiful walls always make a statement and wallpapers allow for easy, time efficient and hassle free transformation. The sheer variety available in terms of texture, pattern and design, make wallpapers the most popular alternative to conventional paints. With The Artisan House’s wide range of wallpapers, sourced from across the world, the possibilities of creating these conversation spaces is endless.

We offer Vinyl wall coverings in a range of designs and colours to suit every need and every mood. With a lifecycle of 15 years, these lead-free coverings are eco-friendly and safer than paints yet at least 30% cheaper than paints in the long run. What’s more, our team of experts will ensure that installation is done in just a few hours. So you will have a conversation piece without the trouble associated with traditional painting, thereby saving you precious time and mess. Our wall coverings find place of pride in innumerable homes, offices, restaurants and hotels across India.